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Mental. Physical. Emotional.
  • Intentionally training players is vital to the well rounded development of players and aids greatly in the development of the player as a well rounded person, improving a person’s chances for for reaching their potential. 90% of baseball is mental, most train players physically 90% of the time. Our intentional is well balanced for personal development.


Your journey; not process
  • We believe we are all on a journey through life and it’s hard to know exactly where we are going. Rather than the traditional “trust the process”, we believe; “Your Path Is Everything”.  Meaning we have to feel, see, and enjoy your journey toward your pursuit of success.


Like life, baseball is a game of adjustments!


“Karl and the Damage Hitter hitting system is proven to gets the most out of every hitter. He has the ability to communicate with different types of players and personalities for results. His teachings and training help players from every level of baseball.” ~ Logan Moon

Logan Moon

Professional Player, Kansas CIty Royals

“I have known Karl since I was in high school and his reputation for the development of baseball/softball players is unmatched by most I have come across in my coaching career. The comprehensive mental, physical, and emotion plan that he’s developed and uses is critical for the overall development for softball players at every level. I believe his plan creates players who will be primed to succeed at the highest levels. “

Greg Bachkora

Assistant Softball Coach, Green Bay University

Having played for Karl was definitely and experience in my baseball career I will always remember…Karl always brought energy and intensity to the ballpark no matter the circumstances. With that being said, Karl’s program definitely elevated my mental approach to the game of baseball.

Gunnar Toutwine

College Player, Wichita State University